Vikas Badam Pista Shrikhand

It is a traditional Indian and particularly, Maharashtrian sweet. Shrikhand is served and consumed with relish and pride. Vikas Shrikhand is pasteurized and totally untouched by hands during its manufacturing process.

Ingredients Shrikhand added with Almond(Badam) & Pistachio(Pista) is also added, crushed sugar.
Composition Cardamom(Elaichi) : 0.176%
Nutmeg (Jaiphal) : 0.088%
Sugar : 72%
Almond(Badam) : 1.0%
Pistachio(Pista) : 0.5%
Packing Food grade PP cups of 500, 200, 100 gms size sealed with shrink wrap liner